How I Designed My Own Coronavirus Mask

I have been living in a bubble for the past few months – rarely venturing out. I have been isolating. It is my wife, Kathryn, who has been doing the shopping trips and I have been left to my own devices in my office. But, I hope to go out to the supermarket and I hope to use public transport (I don’t drive). So, under current legislation I will need a mask.

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But, I did not want a regular mask. I wanted to design the mask so that it had its own stamp of originality. Those who know me will testify I am not vain. I just like good design. So when I found out about a custom mask printer I got thinking and I got designing.

The button above links to Contrado Imaging Ltd. It is there I tracked down the facility to make the mask I designed – they appear to be specialist fabric printers who are making masks during the pandemic.

Contrado Imaging Ltd is a London-based company founded in 2002. Contrado means to assemble and deliver, which they’ve been doing since inception as a one-stop production facility. Specialising in making quality, custom products on demand, they enable creatives to build brands, offer unique products and give consumers the chance to find exclusive, exceptional designer products. Each order is carefully handmade inside their facility, often within 24 hours.

I will be posting up my masks when they arrive on my Instagram. Click the button below to see my posts on Instagram.

The Mask Pattern I Designed During A Sleepless Night.

The Mask Pattern I Designed During A Sleepless Night.

I suppose good design and presentation could be seen as a form of vanity. But, I am happy to be building things again. If you ever want a hand to make a mask then get in contact with me. My contact details are in the footer of the post – it would be a good project for me to get my teeth in to.

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