“Launch Logos” Ignites

Time for a side-hustle: Launch Logos ignites! I have passed the test and completed my training in Logo Design – I am now offering Logo Design over on www.launchlogos.co.uk. The website is a peach – I really let free so that is something I could not wait to share with you.

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Why Just Logos?

Why did I set out to make only logos?

Well, I have always needed a logo designer, as a website designer – they work in tandem. As a specialist freelance graphic designer, Launch Logos design unique branding & identities for forward thinking organisations. Being a one-man logo design agency, Andrew is passionate about logo design & branding. He aims to offer a logo design service where he can create a timeless mark for your growing company that’s simple, memorable, versatile and timeless.

I could not stomach referring my customers to agencies who did not treat the client with the same reverence as I hoped they would.

So, I took the bull by the horns and studied graphic design.

I only work with logos. There is the scope for extra help with Business cards etc. but the emphasis is on digital design, logos and only logos.

My portfolio is slowly taking off and I have collated some of my previous ones.

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