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Are you wondering what to do with your Christmas Money? Well, the smart choice for affordable art is on the NASA/JPL “Visions Of The Future” Collection. In fact, it is so affordable that is free.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is giving away PDF/TIFF downloads of their retro-futuristic posters.

The posters measure 20inches x 30inches and are available HERE.

The prints are free to download and I recommend that you go to a professional printer to have them printed up as glicée fine-art prints, such as Square Studios in Harrogate.

Square Studios

I am planning on getting two of the images printed up as Glicée prints for me and my wife, Kathryn, to hang in our flat. Our walls are creaking under the weight of art prints, but there is always room for new additions. I figure that a bare wall is a wasted wall – it needs art.

The Grand Tour • A Choice For Our Walls



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