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Why Hire A Graphic Designer?

Beautifully designed printed literature creates a dazzling first impression. But Graphic Designers don’t just make things look pretty. Andrew Backhouse Design can create tactical marketing pieces such as brochures, leaflets, posters and direct mail to promote your key messages to your target audience, ensuring these marketing communications generate enquiries for your business and increase sales.
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When you hire graphic designer like me, I can help you connect to your audience through the communication that good design provides. Get in touch to see how I can make that happen. I like to work from home. Working from home keeps overheads to a minimum – something that I pass on to my clients.
I favour Danish inspired, clean, crisp, minimalist designs. I use the latest in technology and by employing tried and tested methods, I offer to offer a steer on initial content and infrastructure. I’m quite capable of following and working to a brief. I am capable of overseeing a project from start-to-finish without much input from you. However, I will report back at the necessary time to make sure progress is satisfactory.

I will work with you on the project until it is to your liking. I will work with you until I fulfil contractual obligations. With the design process & methods I employ, clients keep on returning to me to help them with all of their graphic based projects.

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