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Have you seen an image like the one above? It is a Messenger Code. If you scan the Messenger Code using your mobile and the Messenger App you will be able to sign up to my non-spammy Newsletter. It’ll be a right laugh. I hope to cover ground about how my readers can make the best use of their tech set-up and keep them up to date on tech developments.

Although, essentially, all you need is a Facebook account. All you really need to do is click on the red icon in the bottom right of your window and subscribe that way …

On a modern smartphone, all you need to do is tap on “PEOPLE” at the bottom of your Facebook Messenger App and then “SCAN CODE” – Scan the Andrew Backhouse Design code (above) and this will then open the Andrew Backhouse Design Messenger Bot, The first thing it will tell you is how to unsubscribe. I have the Messenger Codes dotted around the web, on profile pictures.

If you ever need to unsubscribe from the Newsletter, just type “STOP” as a message and send it to me – this will deactivate the Bot for you.

The Newsletter will take the form of a Messenger message that I will not send out more than once a week. Failing your phones tech (I know people who have an old brick) – I know some people who have expressed an interest in the Newsletter but their phone is not up to it, just click the button below and type “SUBSCRIBE“.

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