What Is “White Space” In Web Design?

Today, in this blog post, I want to give you some advice incase you are editing your own website, editing one I built you or you are working on a website that you are building independently. This advice is about White Space in web design.

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What is “White Space”? Simply put, it is the chunks of white, open space on a website. It is parts of the site that do not have any content. It is the part of your site that is just, literally, White Space.

White space will customise your website without costing anything. It is micro branding – do you want to ram the information down a visitors face or do you want to invite them to have a good experience reading your website.

White space makes your website more attractive since it acts like buffers between content. It helps the user take time to interpret information since the white space helps in the display of work more clearly.

So, don’t be afraid of white space.

Summing Up

If you are building your own site and you need a professional to look over it for you, get in contact. If you book time with me HERE I will help go over your website and give pointers as to what steps you may need to take to turn your website in to a conversion machine. This post originally appeared as an email that I send out to my followers. To sign up to my emails, just head HERE. Thanks for reading.

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Post written by: Andrew Backhouse

Andrew Backhouse from Harrogate crafts distinctive websites and logos for Harrogate Businesses and individuals. Check his diverse portfolio and read client praises. Enjoyed the post? Leave a comment or contact Andrew to collaborate.

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