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As a scroll through your Instagram feed might suggest, our modern world is filled with highly curated content. And if you’re a freelancer, or even just a frequent user of the platform, you’ve likely felt the pressure. The pressure to maintain a cohesive brand image, to post daily, and perhaps to even curate a version of yourself that’s more “Instagram-worthy” than reality. But here’s the truth: authenticity always outshines perfection.

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1. The Authenticity Dilemma

Let’s address the elephant in the room. In our quest for that cohesive visual brand, how often have we sidelined our genuine moments for the sake of a colour palette? While it’s important for freelancers to have a recognisable brand, it shouldn’t come at the cost of authenticity. Because no one truly enjoys the purely private version of a public figure. What draws people in is an amplified version of personality – the real, but slightly louder.

2. Strike a Balance: Don’t Overshare, But Share Sincerely

In my journey on social media, I’ve learned the significance of balance. It’s tempting to share every moment, every victory, every setback. But remember, being genuine isn’t about overexposure. It’s about sharing moments that matter, that tell a story, that make your audience feel connected. So, post that candid laugh, share that minor setback, but always ask: is this meaningful?

3. Empowerment in Authenticity

To the passive scrollers and daily posters alike: you’re not alone in feeling lost in the maze of Instagram perfection. Yet, there’s immense power in breaking free from the chains of perceived expectations. The next time you hesitate before posting, fearing it might not fit the ‘grid’, remember this: authenticity is empowering. Not just for you, but for every person who sees your post and thinks, “I’m not alone.”

4. Finding Your True ‘Brand’

As freelancers, it’s understandable to want a brand that resonates and is recognisable. But perhaps it’s time we redefined what ‘branding’ means. Your true brand isn’t just colours, fonts, or filters. It’s the stories you tell, the passion you share, and the genuine moments you let shine through.

5. Remember, You’re Not Alone

Navigating social media’s tumultuous waters can be challenging. Every freelancer, every user, grapples with the balance of authenticity and branding. But as we embark on this journey, it’s crucial to remember: being genuine doesn’t mean being perfect. It means being you – amplified, real, and ready to connect.


In today’s Instagram-driven world, there’s pressure for freelancers and users to curate a perfect image. Yet, authenticity stands out more than perfection. While maintaining a cohesive brand is essential, it shouldn’t overshadow genuine moments. Authenticity isn’t about oversharing; it’s about sharing what’s sincere and meaningful. For those lost in the maze of Instagram aesthetics, remember: your true brand is the stories you tell, the passion you exhibit, and the real moments you showcase. Embrace the real you, and understand that you’re not alone in this quest for genuine online connection.

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Post written by: Andrew Backhouse

Andrew Backhouse from Harrogate crafts distinctive websites and logos for Harrogate Businesses and individuals. Check his diverse portfolio and read client praises. Enjoyed the post? Leave a comment or contact Andrew to collaborate.

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