A Quick Round Up Of February 2021

Here is the monthly round up of what I have been up to; a recap of what happened at Andrew Backhouse Design in February 2021. A website went live and I have been trying to get my work / life balance sorted….


I have been trying to get my work / life balance sorted since Lock Down 1.0. I realise that having a home office is a perk, a luxury – it allows me to work in my pyjamas and I have the comforts of home life on hand. The fridge is well stocked and never too far away.

But there is the crux – I have realised in Lock Down 3.0 that I live in an office with an apartment attached to the side of it. I am never away from work – it means I am at my desk all waking hours, unable to switch off.

This has made me think about the role of work in my life and why I work – I work because I enjoy UX and I enjoy Designing things. I like to make good things and make things good.

I chose to design.

Website Design In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

I have had a site go live in the past few weeks – it was one of the few ones that have gone live in February; www.joshuawilsonmarketing.com is the name of the domain.

Josh is a good lad and has a good head on his shoulders. I may be getting him to help me with my business.

The site is a WordPress build so that Josh can take on content Creation. I will be helping out with the back end of the site because Josh has signed up for Website Maintenance as part of his deal.

It is a good site and one that works – it loads quickly and is secure – I hope his site brings him a lot of business.

february 2021

New Servers

I have changed servers – I now have a Vultr Cloud Server, thanks to Cloudways.

The sites I have already transferred to the server load lightning quick and the support I have received from Cloudways is second to none – I am over the moon with what they are doing for me. One very happy customer.

My green commitment may be a bit in question as I move from my old server – but, I will continue to operate a reforestation scheme and I am looking at further steps to remain carbon neutral.

On Creating A Help Desk For A Radio Station

I have installed a Live Chat function for the radio station I am part of – if you head to the website of the best radio station in Harrogate, Harrogate Community Radio, then you will see a widget in the bottom left of your page – the widget transfers a visitors chat to any of the DJs who are on hand to answer.

The app was built third party and it is installed on the Presenters phones – this allows them to pick up the chat where they are, on their own terms.

As part of this, I have had the opportunity to help create a Help Desk for the station. Head HERE to see the Help Desk – I built that!

february 2021

I Have Been Mentored

I have been mentored by an American – I am over all happy with the support Josh gave me. His only gripe with me was the prices I charged and my only gripe with him was he wanted me to up my prices.

Josh wanted me to charge American prices for a website. I felt uneasy about this because I hope for design to be democratic and in reach of everyone – I am too left wing, believing everyone is equal, to start aiming for the six figure income just yet – I have learnt an awful lot from him, we are going our separate ways because of this.

You may have seen a few changes here, on Andrew Backhouse Design. Well, I am actively putting in to action what I have been taught. I could do that for you? But, six-figure incomes don’t sit well with this left-leaner.

Summary Of February 2021

I have heard of people getting anxious about leaving Lock Down 3.0 – it has been a tough one, almost a year of isolation & Netflix can indeed wreck havoc with one’s psyche – all I ask is you be excellent to each other on the other side. I will be calling for a few beverages when lock down lifts and this is something to look forward to – I can’t remember how good Cask is…. Thanks for reading.

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