And, That Was April ’21

In the spirit of this Blog – I thought I would write up my monthly catch-up for April 2021. It is good practice to blog regularly for work – it keeps the public up to date on what you have been doing and it is also great for Long-Tail SEO. In short – a Blog can be the factor that helps you get found on Google…. so, without further ado; this is what I got up to in April ’21.


Weird Wins

By far the biggest development int he way I work was the start of my work podcast Weird Wins. Weird Wins is a half an hour conversation with people I look up to and admire. You can listen to it HERE.

Series one is done and I am lining up guests for Series two – I have two good guests lined up and it should be a hoot.


I had an experiment with the scheduling app Doodle – the great idea for Doodle is that it shouldn’t take thirty emails to schedule a thirty minute meeting – the thing is I am not the type of person who has a lot of meetings.

I had hoped to use it for people booking a call with me – but, if it is in business hours then people call on their own terms, especially if my phone number is advertised.

I was trying to make things easy for myself, not the end user – the client. So, I scrapped that idea.

Social Media // Analytics

I have found a way of finding out when the best time for a business to post on Social Media – specific to that business.

I taught myself how to create custom Dashboards in Analytics that read out the time and the day of the week that people are clicking through to your site from Social Media – so, with this in mind, you can know when the best time you should post on that particular social media platform for maximum traction.

If you want me to do this for your business let me know – just get in contact HERE.

Chat Function On My Site

Can you see the Speech Bubble in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen? It is not on every page.

This is new.

I have set up a system so that people can chat to me in set hours – the system is run through Slack and I only have to keep an eye on Slack to make sure it is all going smoothly.

It seems very light weight and is a a good method for people to get in contact with me. If I am away from my desk; the message is noted in Slack and I can get back to the visitor by email.

Summary Of April 2021

I admit this post was written half way through May. May’s post will be a lot shorter – this is a round up of what has been happening in my work since the last round up. So, if you have reached this far, grab yourself a lollipop as a reward; you’ve done well.

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