And, That Was March

Well, as promised, I am continuing my run of end-of-month round-ups and it is now April. I was a bit late with the closure of March but I hope to rectify it with this post. Well, what did March have in for Andrew Backhouse Design? It was a month of personal triumph and National denial.

The EU Parliament passed Article 13 & Article 11 in to Law. Please see my previous post regarding Article 13 & Article 11. With Brexit being forced on us by Government who can’t agree on what they want to do – they have no hope of enforcing the new laws. It seems Article 13 & Article 11 could be a footnote in the European political smorgasbord. 

But it was a month of small triumphs for Andrew Backhouse Design. I took on the role of Digital Designer for a chatbot for a shop I help with. I created a small chatbot for Bias Harrogate. An elegant Store on Cold Bath Road who specialise in contemporary labels. If you want to use the Chatbot then please head over to the Bias Facebook Page and send them a message – the robot should take over from there.

I have been asked by Bias Harrogate and Cold Bath Road to design a map for the Spring Time Shopping Trail. This is the result of the success of he Harrogate Hustle.

The Harrogate Hustle was a night in which the traders and shops of Cold Bath Road and greater area opened their doors for the evening. And, there was music drink and Christmas shenanigans. It was a right laugh! I helped with the night by designing the map for that. So, it was natural for me to take on the role of Digital Designer for the Spring time map. Something I am pleased about. But, more on that later.

I have given my blog a quick lick of paint – is the name of the Blog for me. It is a bit of an adventure blog. As in, nothing really happens in it but it is like writing home. It is a safe space for me to be public. I do not divulge gossip on it and the people who visit it know me – they access the site to see how I am doing, my extended network of real-life friends who are scattered around the world. The logo was fun.

The logo was designed using the free Brush font Atmosphere. The theme is a well respected theme and the back end is WordPress. I enjoy blogging and I should do more of it. Here is the new logo for Ijo Pona.

ijo pona logo

I have taken on a few new clients in the past month – a good network has formed off the back of (the now defunct) Indieworx. Essentially, it is the powerhouse, Jem Henderson, who built the project from the ground up still being awesome, strong and an inspiration to many people. I will hopefully tell you a bit more about that in the coming weeks.

I was invited to DJ in a pub in town – they then changed their mind when I quoted them a (significantly reduced) rate. Still, I had a go at designing the poster for the event, before they changed their mind, and these are the results I gave them to choose from: which one would you choose?

04 mockup
03 mockup
02 mockup

If you have a favourite for the posters then please let me know – feedback is always appreciated. Why not message me at [email protected] to let me know?

So, lots has been happening here. There have been enough good things happening to me personally for me to not completely bury my head in the sand over the state the Nation is in. It has been a tricky month being a Brit. It has been a tricky month being a human. We have reached a junction in humanity where we have never before shared so much in common yet we choose to focus on what divides us. At least there will still be videos of Doggos on the web … or will there be?

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