April 2020 Has Started

April 2020 has started: this is a recap of the month of March 2020 by Andrew Backhouse, the freelance digital designer in Harrogate. I write a monthly recap of shenanigans at the end of every month – this is good for long-tail SEO and is also a good way of taking stock. Metaphorically, of course. Spring is Springing and the blossom is starting to appear.

anthony delanoix urUdKCxsTUI unsplash scaled

One of the big things that happened this month was that I managed to redesign the front page of the Bias Harrogate website. If you need contemporary fashion, head there.

I wrote about the redesign on my Blog – you can read the article HERE.

Another project I completed was a minor redesign of the Harrogate Community Radio website – it even has a new logo! Here is the new logo:

harrogate community radio logotype tagline full colour rgb

The main thing that everyone is dwelling on, and let’s confront the elephant in the room, is Coronavirus. Sports seasons are cancelled, the Conference Centre has been turned in to a hospital and the vape shop I frequent has been closed as part of a wider lockdown. People are not allowed to meet up in groups, go out to a pub (closed) or the cinema (closed) and they have to stay at home – globally, millions stand to die from the virus. It is a terrifying time.

I wrote a blog article the other day about tech solutions for creatives during the coronavirus pandemic. Uptake seems to be fair to middling on that – it is a well written piece that I stand by.

But, alas, the pandemic is forcing a lot of businesses to close, some permanently. These are worrying times for Andrew Backhouse Design – if I can be honest.

So, things are a bit ‘on hold’ as businesses prioritise assets and make sure they are safe – some of the businesses I am working for have battled on and will keep on going with home deliveries. Others are folding. It is a scary time. All I can do is wish you and yours the very best; stay safe, isolate and wash them hands!

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