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An Angsty Jan – January 2021

Mrs Backhouse left her phone near me. Over the next half hour, it pinged and chirped. I felt myself getting anxious and a little antsy… These were not pings for me, not on my phone. They weren’t sounds that my phone even makes. The training has been going on for years. We’re caught in a Pavlovian game in which we’re the product, not the organisers. Someone else is ringing the bell, and it’s been happening for so long we don’t even realise how deeply the hooks have been set. January was a wake up call to me – I needed to keep on keeping on.

the bread bin

But, apart from that and the Pandemic – things are going well, thanks.

I have been building a website for Thomas Henley, the Autism advocate in Harrogate. He is a good friend – I know him through the station I run, Harrogate Community Radio. Thomas presents a show hoping to make people more aware of autism. It has made me more aware of how to help folk with the diagnosis so that is a result. It has a 100% success rate in this house as my wife tunes in also – she is a fan of Thomas’ show, too.

The BreadBin of Harrogate’s logo went live – it has been revealed and I blogged about it in this post HERE.

I have signed up for a heap of design courses – not so much for the practicality of design, more for how to run a design business; see, I went freelance with zero help from the government. It is when the Tory’s were in power and the Halcyon days of well-funded public infrastructure were well and truly buried. I was going it alone until now.

I have signed up for a few courses and hope to have a blast doing them.

Something else that is new in January 2021 is that I have had a bit of a fiddle with this site, the freelance web designer of Harrogate’s site. The Navigation is a lot more … well … navigable. And, the services on offer have been trimmed down. However – if you come across an error get in contact with me and I will sort it out.

Another amazing thing that has come out of this Lock Down (Lock Down 3.0) is that I am now a paid up sponsor of Harrogate Community Radio – for less than a pound a day they are letting me put my logo on their website with a backlink – I receive a report every Monday of how may hits their site has and I have Google Analytics set up so I can monitor their referral rate. I will keep an eye on this and let you know how it goes.

A bit of a passive aggressive month, really – plenty to fret about. But, I ploughed my energies in to trying to salvage something from the month – I have briefed Thomas on the best ways to get the most from his site and hope he can take the reign. It is quite a good build. You can read the entry in my portfolio HERE. So, let’s see what February brings; it is the month I turn 40 years old. There won’t be a party – it will just be me and Mrs Backhouse drinking beer dressed in our pyjamas. Lovely…

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