How Was Your February?

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How was your February? Mine was quite good, thanks. What did I get up to? Well, the biggest thing that happened in my February was that I turned 38. It was a good do.

February was a month of redesigns. I was asked by DJ Scooby to make his site a bit more optimised for the Keyword “Big Band DJ” and as a result, I redesigned his website for him. There was not a massive rebrand, just a subtle re-arranging of words and images. The biggest shock was when I gave it my all for the redesign of his Radio Show Episode Template.

Each Episode of his radio show, The Sound Of Wonder, is posted up as a page on his website. This facilitates and enables people to see the track list and to listen to the individual episode. Click the button below to see an example.

Another redesign in February was for a highly skilled Painter & Decorator, Arber Decor. Dom, from Arber Decor, expressed an interest in making his website a bit more ‘shazaam’. So I obliged.

It is best viewed on a laptop or a desktop – but, if you click on the button below you will see the website.

There was a lot of work with the Women at Bias. Bias is an independent Store on Cold Bath Road that stocks amazing clothes. It has been called one of the Fifty Leading Boutiques when it comes to sustainability, by Stella Magazine in the Sunday Telegraph. Something we hope to capitalise on in a blog.

I helped with the Bias Newsletter and I also looked into building them a Chatbot for their Facebook. I have, however, build myself a Chatbot for my own Facebook Page. A Chatbot is an automated way of getting ready for Messenger Marketing. To see if you would benefit from a Chatbot, visit my own Facebook Page and crunch the numbers in the messenger Bot. Access my Facebook page and send me a message – the robot will take over from there.

I met an aspiring Photographer – Andrew Stevens. He is under the name Urban Decadence Photography. I am in the process of building him a website and I have rattled off a Logo and Watermark. Here is the logo –

We worked towards a photographer inspired logo – the ‘corners’ of the logo represent the Auto-Brackets of a view-finder on a DSLR. The logo acts as a Watermark too – so, Andrew has started to use the logo as a watermark.

Also, mid-February, I was contacted by David Smith. David runs a firm who specialises in Dumb-waiters and food lifts. His website is accessible in the button below. He asked me to take a look at his website and tidy it up for him. If you are a website owner and you need a few thing editing in your build please get in contact. I have a very quick turn-around and I do the job to a good standard.

A further step in my Graphic Design journey was designing Creao Studio a business card. You can read about it here. Here is an image of the card.

Best Website designers in Harrogate

Right at the end of the month – 27th, I found out that I am one of the Top Three Rated Web Designers in Harrogate. Not an accolade to be sniffed at. I am keeping good company and it is nice to be recognised. I did not go out and celebrate it, well a few pints. But it is nice to get noticed, isn’t it.

So, all in all it was a busy February. I had a great February. A February filled with celebration and good work – it is important to keep busy. Better than doing nothing. If something I have done this month takes your fancy and you think – “I could do with that” – please get in contact. My details are below.

Get in touch,

If you have a project in mind,
I would love to hear from you.


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