It Was A Quiet June in 2020, For Me

June 2020 was a bit of a quiet month for me, due to Lock Down – I have not been able to get out and network and people are not really spending money. With this in light, people are not needing things promoted and they do not have the resources to pay me to promote them.

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Even though it was a quiet month for me, as a business, the world took to the streets to protest Police Brutality and “Black Lives Matter” was very much one of the slogans.

There will be countless opportunities to read about the unrest and anger from more authoritative, better-informed people. But, for designers it was a rallying call to get slogans out there and to allow people to be heard.

This goes alongside the COVID-19 infomercials that have been appearing on Social Media by some design agencies. To see what I have been up to for Coronavirus, head to my Instagram profile, @DrewsADesigner.

However, I have been busy with a few builds – I made pin/Cushion, the sewing Blog and I designed a site for a DJ / Producer duo called AAMac.

I am part fo AAMac. We make experimental dance music, trying to emulate µ-Ziq and Aphex Twin. Our debut came out and it has been described as “… the greatest track Warp Records didn’t release.”

I have also fiddled with this website,

According to Google Analytics, people were not bouncing past the first page, the home page, on the oder version.

So, I adapted the website and made it so that I laid my stall out on one page. There are still the portfolio pages and the necessary information but I am keen on it.

As the town of Harrogate opens up I am worried about the future of the economy, yes. I am concerned about the future of my business, yes. But, the public’s health comes first – there is no point in having all amenities open when it is going to cause a second wave of infection. That is what I am worried about the most. Coronavirus, it’s a bitch.

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