January Round-Up

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I hope you all have a productive February! As part of the Monthly Round-Ups, I will write a post about what I have been up to this past month. The month of January 2019. It has been a good month. A month that has kept me busy and one that has been the start of the bad weather.

Christmas was over in the blink of an eye. But, I was glad to get back in front of a screen

As you may know, I do all of the branding for Bias Boutique. Bias Boutique, on Cold Bath Road, has redesigned their website. The new website for Bias Boutique is www.bias.boutique. As ever, it is a WordPress build. The older version of the site, the eCommerce site, was being used as a catalogue by the footfall to the shop. So, we edited the site to reflect the needs of the visitor and put it on a new domain.

Bias Boutique

Andrew Backhouse successfully completed the Site structure course!

I gained two new certificates in January – it is a good way to continually keep on top of the latest technology; constant peer evaluation and assessment means I can be the best I can be for my clients. One of the certificates is above. You can read about the Yoast certificate on the relevant post HERE and you can read about my shiny new Google Certificate HERE.

I have updated the Contact page on this site, andrewbackhouse.design/contact-me/ is the address. It is a lot more streamlined from the other version and gets more to the point – this will hopefully allow people to get in contact easier.

Another redesign for a client was www.creao.uk – the best recording studio in Harrogate. The site is unrecognisable now. I went with a darker look and made the site a lot more contemporary. There is still the automated booking form for people on the website – so the management of the studio can get on with making better sounding music.

Creao Studio is where I record my radios show, The Parish News – an experimental radio show that now gets played on Resonance EXTRA down south on Digital Radio. I edited the website for The Parish News so that it is a bit more accessible, back in December – I have been rushed off my feet for a bit so there is still some Padding to put into the site (px not waffle) – so that it displays okay on a mobile device.

In the last days of January, I adopted a plugin called Snazzy Maps – this is a great way of making your map stand out from the hum-drum of all the other maps. It is a simple code to implement. and all you need to do is google it …

The final project I have working on in the first month of the year has been the design of a Logo/Watermark & Website for a promising photographer.

@andste_official_ has had some success with Instagram and has had one of his photos featured on the National BBC Weather forecast – hell, I am amazed at the man’s skill with a lens.

He seems a gentleman and it has been a pleasure to work for him – if you ever need any help with a portfolio then please let me know.

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