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Looking Back On December 2019

That was December 2019. I figure I would not write an end of year catch-up, but, instead plough on with my end of month write up – the work month has ebbed off as people prepare for Christmas. So, I figure I would take the opportunity gifted to me by lack of sleep to write up a bit of what has been happening over this month as we build up to the Roaring 20’s.

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The Cheeseboard

I am pleased as punch with this website. I was contacted by Gemma from The Cheeseboard, on Commercial Street. She had heard about the good work I have been doing with The Online Vegan Market and she wanted me to have a go at the redesign of The Cheeseboard.

I built for Gemma a WordPress website that was in keeping with her shop, in town. The Cheeseboard of Harrogate is one of the best rated specialist cheese shops in the country. I needed to pull my socks up and make sure the site said just that.

Currently the site is a brochure site, but it is all set to take orders in the New Year. There will be the opportunity to have the cheeses and cheese hampers delivered to you from Harrogate. I always try and make it an option on the sites I build to have a “Collect In Store” option in the check out. I figure that once the customer is in the shop they will see the great selection on offer.

This Website

One thing you will have noticed is that I have de-faffed this website. I am still unsure how to take it and what to make to it. I like the pared down vibe – but, I am unsure how it will be taken in Harrogate; will it be seen as too plain? I think the font set up is awesome (I have used the font Asap) and I believe there is good Content… and, after all, Content is King.

What Else?

The rest of the month has been spent doing admin tasks on the rest of the sites that I manage. There is always a lot to do when you have a WordPress website. As you may remember from last month’s post, I found a great admin app called Notion. I really recommend it to people who like to keep things organised. It has a tier that is free for use and some of my clients are switching over to it – this allows more fluid note sharing and is good for communication.

So, that is the December wrap for 2019 – and, ultimately, the wrap on 2019 itself. If anyone would listen to a web designer, I would say that as we approach the twenties we have become more disconnected and divided as a population. Good design can help heal these wounds. Whether this is within my scope or not – I just hope that as I write the December summary in ten years time the brutalities of the last four or five years are but a distant memory and we have moved on and united again. So, Merry Christmas and good cheer to everyone.

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