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March 2021 With Andrew Backhouse Design

As per custom, I thought I would write a blog post for what happened in March 2021 at Andrew Backhouse Design. It was quite a busy month, working as I could in the situation that I am in; Lock Down is working for me now, people are moving to digital applications and not networking in the flesh – this suits me.


Keeping On Learning: UX Certificate

I am part way (a good way) through my certificate in UX. I am studying with Google and it is proving well worth while. I have learnt loads.

It is proving its weight in gold!

Major Rebrand

As a result of the above, I have had a major rebrand of my site – this includes a redesign and and a new title.

I am now a Freelance UX Designer not a Freelance Web Designer. Although, I still make websites.

What is UX? Well it is a term coined by Don Norman in the ’90s to mean User Experience. It is how the End User (the person) interacts with the the product / good / website.

So, it is what I was doing, but with bells on. I am working towards a qualification in what I already do. But, it bodes well for the future.


All of the above has allowed me to develop on my skill set. I put it to good use when I made an app for the local community radio station that I sponsor.

Check out the app “Harrogate Community Radio” where ever you get your apps. The Apple iOS version is live and the Google Play one is in review.

Joshua Wilson

I built a website for a Digital Marketer. Josh is a good lad who knew what he wanted; this allowed me to build the site he had in mind.

When it comes to a website (or any design) the thing that is key is to communicate – we have a great conversation going on our channels and we continue it to this day.

Summing Up

Been a busy month – can’t complain. I am looking forward to Lock Down 3.0 lifting and life returning to what it was, pre-covid. I already have had my first jab and  admit that it floored me. Not really looking forward to the second dose but it is best I have it.

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