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May Starts, With Trepidation

Well, as promised, I am continuing my run of end-of-month round-ups and it is now the month of May. I was a bit late with the closure of April but I hope to rectify it with this post. Well, what did April have in for Andrew Backhouse Design? It was a month of personal triumph and National denial. A month of covering yourself.

jake weirick 3t3fzBDJ9Vg unsplash scaled

Work has continued at pace for Bias – there was a good part of the month dedicated to getting the Bias Website up to scratch. This was done so that the proprietor could stay afloat during lockdown. Lots of products being added daily….

And, lock down has dominated my work life and my personal life. The whole town are trying to forge a new life despite the epidemic raging across the world. Our government were slow to act and the underfunded NHS are taking a stance for the public. It is these heroes that need congratulating, not the men in power.

ben wright

I did manage to squeeze in a site design. For more on that see a previous blog post – Ben has a bright future ahead of him. He is keen to learn and he is a credit to himself. For more on Ben’s site see the button below…

So, it has been another month of maintenance for me – I have been making waves in my hobbies, with the mastering studio I staff. But, the design element has been quiet. One success of the lock down period has been Harrogate Community Radio – we have been going from strength to strength because people are staying in with nothing to do but listen to the radio. Such is life.

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