Moving In To February, 2020

We are moving in to the February of 2020. It has been a slow month – plenty to keep me occupied but I wish it was still Christmas; when I could eat cheese and biscuits at 11am and never really knew what day it was. I am working on a few websites but the flavour of the month was Graphic Design.

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Graphic Designer In Harrogate

I am a Graphic Designer in Harrogate – well, my real job description is Freelance Digital Designer, according to my Tax Return. I earn a modest income designing images and web sites for my clients. Some of them are really not bad, if I don’t mind saying.

I have been employed by a few businesses around Harrogate to design the graphics for their January Sales.

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sigil of brass sale
fs sale

Web Designer In Harrogate

I am a Web Designer in Harrogate – as well as being a Graphic Designer. It is the full-spectrum Agency roles that get me going; when I nurture a site from idea to front-page dominance, that makes me smile.

It is with this full-agency-spectrum of work that I have been busy with over the past few weeks.

All of the websites that I build are WordPress websites. The site’s software needs updating on a weekly basis and this keeps it free of Spam and nasty attacks.

Plugins and Databases are all corruptible – but it is a web-designer’s / developer’s role to keep on top of it.

A Test Pilot For My Own Invention

A web designer’s portfolio is often akin to designing an aircraft and then being the test pilot too – you triumphs and failures are dictated by the stall you set out on the web.

I have been tinkering with the back end of my Design Portfolio.

All in all I am very happy with the approachable professionalism that it exhibits. The design is allowed to speak for itself without being to fussy. There is a subtle elegance to this site – long may it last…

I have been blogging a bit more – offering my ill-thought logic on matters as diverse as Gender Representation in Design and even an article on why it is massively important for you to hire a professional graphic designer. It is fun, maybe it is unwanted – but, I can type and this is my blog.

New Projects & Summing Up

I am mid-build of a website for one of the most gifted fine-art photographers that I have come across. I will keep you up to date on that – hopefully that will be live soon because Anna is receiving quite a bit of press at the moment. So, January, you cheeky bitch; I am done. There is a bit more light in the sky as the nights shorten and the wind is not as harsh – Stinky’s Riso Press is having a workshop on 1st March and I have plenty to keep me busy right now. I hope that your January was not too much of an effort and that you arrived in February safely, with all faculties and loved ones intact.

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