My June As A Web Designer

I’m a Web Designer in Harrogate, so what happened for me, Andrew Backhouse, in the month of June? The month of June was Pride Month & a funny one weather-wise. It was cold until Summer caught up and we had a month of summer over a weekend, over the time Glastonbury was on. Plus, there was a death in my Family during this month.

denise chan pXmbsF70ulM unsplash
granny D 1BW

I admit I have had some time off from work – this is a rare thing. It was my Maternal Granny who passed away. She was in her nineties and was suffering quite a bit. She passed quietly in her sleep and will be greatly missed. Here is a photo of here that I took a few years ago …

She fought the Nazis and she was a shepherdess. She led a hard life but had all the time in the world for you – she was loved and she loved.

Granny leaves a brother, two daughters and a son – as well as a group of grandchildren and a gaggle of great grandchildren. As a family, we made the journey up to the highlands of Scotland for a final time to pay our respects.

My Portfolio

As you will be able to tell if you are a regular visitor – I have redesigned my own portfolio – is the address. I like the way it looks because I am quite pleased with the boxed layout, the way the corners are rounded off. The social media sharing in the bottom left of your window is great because the icons will just hover there for as long as you are scrolling.

My Graphic Design Portfolio is now hosted on Flickr – this means that it loads a lot quicker on my website. A quicker loading website means that it will rank higher in the search engine results. I have also created a new Web Design Portfolio Page – this is a lot more streamlined from what it was previously. You can see my web design portfolio HERE.

Photo-Realistic Design

I have taken the time of grief to experiemnt a bit with Photoshop – I have not really been out much because I have no real desire to socialise. So I went and taught myself a few more skills to help my clients. This is the result of it. What do you make to it? I found the photo online on the website called Unsplash – it is a free photo sharing website that is free to use. The photo was taken by Frank Busch and worked on by me. Click on it for a detailed look.


Web Shopping & Instagram

Long-standing clients, Bias Harrogate, have a new online shop – it is still in it’s infancy though. As I type, there are currently only three items for sale up on the store – but, they have all the product post have been crafted with love. I have linked up the Bias Online Store to Facebook Shopping and then on to Instagram as Shopping posts.

This means that when an item is put up on the Bias site for sale – there will be the option to post it out on Instagram as a special Instagram Shopping post.

V. exciting!

Summing Up

Grief is a bitch – but it is also a time to step back and take stock of what you have. I am glad I got to know Granny. Some folk pass their entire life without knowing their grandparents. She’ll be missed but I took the enforced downtime as an opportunity to add a few strings to my bow. I hope you dig the photo-realistic design I made & I hope I get the opportunity to use these skills. There is also a big project underway that is starting to take up a lot of my life’s bandwidth – but it is all good fun – more on that soon. Thanks for reading.

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