September 2019 – Where Did That Go?!

That was September – it hardly seems an eye-blink since the halcyon days of summer. Nights would blur in to dawn and there was no really oppressive darkness. We are now knee-deep in October and the weather is fighting for it’s last glimpse of warmth. The nights are drawing in and -oh- what a summer it has been. There was the UCI World Championship and I have been working as a freelancer for five years.

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The highlight of the summer was at the tail end – it threw Harrogate in to the eyes of the world, unremitting coverage from Dale-top and Dale-dip of the UCI World Championship Cycling. Yes, Harrogate was the host to the 2019 UCI World Championship. It was fantastic!

It rained a hell of a lot. A hell of a lot of rain. But people still supported the event. There were road diversions that every Nimby wanted to jump onboard the hate-wagon about. But, there are people coming to the town, a town that relies on tourism, to spend their time and … money. Yes, there were disruptions. Yes, the Stray got a bit muddy. But Harrogate was like a chic, European city for a week. There were helicopters overhead, live transmissions from Valley Gardens and Claire Balding! It was brilliant.

Frederick’s Unique Sound System

This is a good site – I built a website for a reggae sound system down in Folkestone. Might be a bit of a long trek up North after a power-breakfast but through technology (and a hell of a lot of trust) I managed to get Nath and his rig the web presence that they deserved. It is always too infrequent that me and Kathryn visit our friends in Folkestone. Something for the quieter winter months maybe? The site is a WordPress build and serves the Folkestone area. There is a demo mix and things are good one that front. Nathan seem happy with it, so I am happy with it. It is a good build with a high click-through rate.

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Brigg & Foss

I have a mutual friend who is a copywriter – they wanted a blog to highlight and so their proficient writing calibre. So, what better way to do this than through an online blog? A “Blog” (short for “Web Log“) is an online magazine – a modern take on the paper zine. There is something infinitely disposable about a blog – yet they can make (or break) a person. The POD (Point Of Difference) in the Brigg & Foss blog is that it is celebrating Craftsmanship in the North of England. There is a real passion conveyed in the few posts that are up there and the topics cover backgrounds as diverse as the old Mills of Yorkshire to the Heritage Wool Trade via Leatherworks. Really is good reading.


“The primary function of brands is to reduce our anxiety in making choices. The more we sense we know about a product, the less anxious we feel.”

 – Nicholas Ind, Writer

I have created a page on this site to put all of eggs in one presentable basket – there is no harm in getting my act together and showcasing what I do in a fresh light. I am, after all, concerned with Branding & marketing if you strip the nomenclature down to the base ingredients. It is what I have done for five years as a freelancer and it is a lot of fun.

Summing Up

So, there are a lot of irons in the fire at present – I am building a few eCommerce solutions and that is going well. Client focused, user orientated design is what it is about – that has been the case for five years with Andrew Backhouse. And, that is all I have to write about the the month of September – it has been a good one and I celebrated my eighth wedding anniversary with Kathryn. She is the one who helped encourage me to get it together and go freelance; something that I have not regretted yet. So, here is to you, Kathryn (and, if I regret going freelance then I won’t get grumpy 🙂 )!


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