September Already!

I hardly seems a few days since I was last blogging, telling you about July – well; here I am telling you about August. It was quite a funny one, weather wise. There were flash floods and the hottest day on record. It really is hard to work in when it is hot and, thanks to un-fettered capitalism, global warming will worsen for the sake of a quick buck and things will get hotter. Time to support your independant businesses and try and do what you can.

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Environmental Credentials

I thought I would write a bit about being an environmentally responsible and sustainable business. After all, Sustainability is not just a buzzword – it is necessary for the continuation of the human race. Yes, I suffer from mild eco-anxiety. The servers that I run my websites on are green powered and the electricity in my office-room is all sustainable – I work in a paper-less office. I walk to work, not driving anywhere (I don’t drive). Batteries for the laptops I have, when they are redundant, are recycled in a safe fashion. This is not to give myself a pat on the back – the environmental impact of humanity has made our current way of living unsustainable. Rather than sit there, just signing petitions to protest the burning of the Rainforest I wanted to do something in practice.

R.A.D. Plumbing & Joinery

I built a new website for Richard at R.A.D. Plumbing & Joinery. The build is a WordPress site and it is bang-tidy. I will put a link in the footer of this segment of the blog post. It is a site I am very pleased with. Richard specialises in Kitchen and Bathroom installations and fitting. He is a good guy and it has been a pleasure working for him. The site has a lot of contact points – the idea of the website is that people get in contact with Richard for a quote, so, on every page there is a link to get in contact with Richard and get a quote.


This Month With Bias Harrogate

This month with Bias Harrogate; I figure that I should give my regular customer a quick mention. They have switch over to a new POS system that I have synced with their web-store. The site has been updated so that when an item is sold in the bricks and mortar shop then the website is updated too. It is quite an intelligent database. I have updated the Lookbooks’ on the Bias website too – to reflect the changing of the collection. I am still continuing with the Mailchimp Newsletters for Bias – if you want to sign up to the local fashion newsletter click the button below.

drop leg steppers web logo copy

Drop Leg Steppers

Drop Leg Steppers are a local, Yorkshire reggae band. They are a live, gigging band and they needed a web presence. I built them a colourful, one-page website that makes for a good access point. However, I am unsure about the logo and so are the band – it is subject to change as a good friend of the band is drawing up a logo. However, the logo I made is this page. I am just waiting on the band getting some recordings of them to me and then the site will be complete.

Summing Up

Right, that is about that – I have built two great websites for my clients and I continue with the radio station, Harrogate Community Radio. The station is pretty much flat out – ironing out the flaws in the early model and populating the website’s schedule; there is always something playing on Harrogate Community Radio. You can check it out HERE. So, thanks for reading this and I hope you have a good September. x

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