September Is Out (2020) – A Monthly Wrap Up

So, here is my monthly wrap up for my work blog. I blog at the start of every month about the things that I have been up to in the previous month. It is a great way to keep tabs on developments and to also increase this website’s SEO. Which reminds me of something I will write about in this Blog… here is my recap for the month of September as a web designer in Harrogate.

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Simplifying The Process

Am I making this job too complicated? As in, am I confusing my customers? I have studied Web Design and Branding to post-graduate level but this might not be what my clients need to hear.

I could bombard the potential client with Jargon and Buzzwords all day long. But what would that achieve?

A confused client.

Yes, I am good at building sites using the WordPress CMS and I can improve both your CTR & SEO – but, if I minced in to a meeting saying this then it would bamboozle the client.

I need to simplify my approach. I need to stop using jargon and I need to make things clear for my clients by speaking everyday English.

This is not a patronising step – I have spent years of hard study to fully understand the concepts I am banding about. Why should I expect my clients to understand them on introduction?

A Logo Designer In Harrogate

With the launch of a new seasonal collection, Bias Harrogate, the clothes store on Cold Bath Road, often has a minor rebrand.

The colour of the changing room curtain and the colour of wrapping paper has been changed to a Lavender hue.

This needed to be reflected in the logo…

logo designer in harrogate

I have also redesigned the logo for a successful sandwich bar in Harrogate. However that is tightly under wraps until they have unveiled it.

I will try and write up about that when they do.

Web Design In Harrogate

I have been asked to make a website for a piano teacher in Harrogate. The first draft is going down well and we just need to tweak the site with the grammar and copy – I write in a style that is best suited for the search engines – the way I write will get you noticed by Google and Bing.

However, this is not always wanted by the client. Some folk want their website to be a calling card that they refer people to – this piano teacher is one such client.

Bot Building In Harrogate

I have recently built a Chat bot for Crafty Chops, Leeds. Marie was getting snowed under by her social media – people were Messaging her all times of the day with very little deviation on request. The typical contact point was to see how much Crafty Chops charged for baby hand casting.

I was made an admin of the Crafty Chops Facebook Page and built a bot to lighten Maries load. Now, when you send Crafty Chops a message on Facebook, it will have a Enquiry / Response conversation with the client.

I have also built a simpler Bot for Harrogate Community Radio.

So, it is great to be back at it. The lull caused by Lock Down has been temporarily obliterated. However, we are heading to a second lock down so I will see how the business is coping this time next month. But, September was a good month for me – I learnt a lot and I helped a lot of people.

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