“So What Happened In May, Andy?”

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In this blog post I hope to outline what happened in the month of May for Andrew Backhouse Design. It has been quite a busy month but with no cool graphics to show for it. I have taken on a few websites for the hosting of them and things are ticking over – more technology than showmanship. It has been fun though.

There was a new roll out of WordPress! All of the sites I build my clients are WordPress sites (with the exception of the odd one). It is really important to update your WordPress website to the latest version, if your theme allows it, so that bugs are ironed out. It makes sense to have it firing on all cylinders rather than using antiquated tech – however, if you got someone other than me to design it there may be compatibility issues – best check with a pro.

Graphic Design has been a bit slow this month – there have not bee many clients requesting new work. Although I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Exit Studio on reaching 1000 Projects. A milestone in any Freelancer’s book – Good work, Andy Cole.

One thing I have been keeping close to my chest is that I am helping to start a radio station. Harrogate Community Radio is a labour of love and the idea that a town can unite the separate musical traditions through a love of the locality. I figure there is a lot of love for everyones own scene – a love that would let people express themselves to their fullest. But there is no place within Harrogate for them to share their passion outside of their scene.

Harrogate Community Radio is an idea that a town can be united through music. There are many different scenes in Harrogate, North Yorkshire – and, we are the richer for it – but is there anywhere where people can unite and feel part of something greater? We hope that Harrogate Community Radio will be that place.

You will see the logo above – I wanted to convey a sense of inclusion with the design – so, I designed the logo with a set of overlapping circles. A sense that one would not be complete without the other. The colours are based on the colours associated with Yorkshire and a bold red – for the blood of the our forefathers 😉 – a sense of all that has gone before hand and to drum up a passion in the subject.

Another project I have taken on is that I am now employed by Chrissie Lightfoot. Chrissie is the Entrepreneur Lawyer and she is responsible for hiring me for the hosting and management of Robot Lawyer Lisa and her own site. Both are WordPress builds but I am really pushing myself with these as most of it is in code – still, I am always up for a challenge so if you ever need to get in contact for a special request then my details are at the bottom of this page.

So, yes, another quiet month on things I can show you – I have been busy, but it is mainly coding and the day-to-day admin of websites that I have been up to, nothing showy and flash. Still, I have been having to chase a few clients up for payments – some are quite severely overdrawn (Andrew S, Ian M) but I am not going to go into details. It has been a great month and I am all the happier for being freelance – it is rare you find a job where you can work in your pyjamas …

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