That Was: August 2021

It’s been a while since I posted anything! Hello everyone and welcome to another monthly update. August has been quite busy, and I have some big news. Plus – there were two websites that went live over the month.

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“What’s The Big News, Tons Of Fun?!”

My big news is that I have become a LeadInfo Partner – I can help people sign up to a system that helps to find business leads from your websites visitors.

The app works by matching an IP address of the visitor with a public database of businesses, businesses that operate globally and locally.

So, it enables you to know if you have any leads.

The app is awesome and has helped me identify a few possible income streams.

“Anything Else?!”

I have started a side hustle as a Logo Designer. The project is called Launch Logos and you can see the site HERE.

I have been studying Graphic Design but I wanted to use my experience to make logos, not printed literature.

A logo can make or break a business – it encapsulates what it stands for; this is what I am interested in.

Find out more about the project HERE.

Site #1

I finished work on PCS Comms & Cams a few weeks ago – if you need any help with your CCTV installation then get in contact with Dave.

You can read more about the excellent services then offer HERE. This includes Authorised Access, Network Cabling and CCTV Installation.

Site #2

Off the back of the PCS build, I have been introduced to the Landscaper, Dane M. He operates under the name Boutique Gardener Harrogate and you can see his new website HERE.

Both websites are bespoke WordPress builds – if you are in need of a website then book a discovery call.

Summing Up

So this is what happened in August, a brace of websites and an onboarding to a Lead Generator. I have high hopes for Launch Logos – but, ultimately, watch this space. Also, I have boosted the accessibility of this website – do you see the little man floating in the right hand side? If you click on him there will be a heap of options for the visually impaired. Thanks for reading, Andrew.

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To find out more about my work or just to say 👋 click to book a Discovery Call.

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