That Was December

I thought I would start writing a series of monthly round-ups so that people can keep abreast of what has been happening at Andrew Backhouse Design. After all, a blog is a great way of gaining Goody Points for SEO – Long-Tail SEO benefits from regular blogging.

So what did I get up to this December?

The first big task for my December was the design of the Harrogate Hustle Map. I was asked by my client, Sally at Bias on Cold Bath Road if I could draw up a map of independent shops who are based around the Crown Roundabout in Harrogate.


The idea was for keen shoppers to visit the independent shops and to ‘shop local.’ Various perks were put on for the benefit of the customers – you could eat a mince pie or get a free shot of Gin, listen to a band play in a shop or raise a festive glass. It was a good success and shops were keen to support it.

The next big mission for this month has been the redesign of my record label’s site – and the introduction of a webshop to sell downloads and CDs. I felt I needed to keep abreast of developments in eCommerce so the best way for me to that was to throw myself in at the deep end. The site can be visited below.

I have also upgraded my server this month – I now have a Managed VPS Solution. This means somebody else does the managing of the back end of the server and I am free to get on with the designing of websites and graphics, then I can go on and promote them for you on Social Media.

The capacity of the server has doubled due to the amount of work I have taken on – It now has double the RAM & CPU. But, this is an end-of-month write up not an end of year one, so I will not go into too much detail.

I have been creating a lot of Newsletters for the shop called Bias, on Cold Bath Road – I manage their Mailchimp and I design their mail outs for them – the festive season has been going well for them and it is a pleasure to get them noticed. We send out a newsletter every two-weeks or so normally, but with the build-up to Christmas happening we stepped it up to one a week.

The final project I have been working on towards the tail end of the month has been the redevelopment of the website for The Parish News. The Parish News is a Podcast and radio show that I host and broadcast. It gets played on American and British radio and it is a source of great pride. There is even talk that it may get broadcast on the station Resonance Extra – that has the potential to be listened to by 4.1 million listeners, so I am over the moon with how that is developing, but I mustn’t count my chickens before my eggs have hatched.

One last thing I would like to draw your attention to is the redesign About Me Page on this site – I have been working with Jem at Weasel Words and we bounced a few ideas off each other and she has produced an amazing result in a short space of time. I really recommend her for all your copywriting needs.

Under her recommendations – I have placed a few client testimonials up on the page, limiting when viewed on a mobile. The copy was drafted after I sent a brief to Jem at Weasel Words. She whittled it down, floomphed it up and made it coherent at a very reasonable price.

So then, I just have one last meeting before the festivities commence. I will be switching off my computer at 17:30 on the Winter Solstice and not switching it back on until it is needed. I wish you and yours the very best of Christmasses. I will be spending it with my wife and my parents out on the family farm, near Ripon.

I don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve, so if I see you around town that night then I make no excuse for giving you a hug and wishing you the very best for 2019 …

Thanks for reading. Andrew

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