That was July 2019

I am a bit behind with my blogging this month – I am knee deep in August and only just getting around to writing up what happened in July of 2019. So, if you forgive the procrastination in Blogging then I can tell you.

I have been busy for the month of July with SEO – I have been working on a few projects that really got down to the nuts and bolts of the process. I have had a few success stories in the The Parish News is now ranked No1 on Google for the search term “Experimental Radio Show” – this is a personal project of mine in that it is my radio show. I play experimental music and music that I listen to when I am working. It gets broadcast on Resonance EXTRA, Soundart Radio and Harrogate Community Radio. Speaking if Harrogate Community Radio …

Harrogate Community Radio

As I said in a previous blog, Harrogate has a new radio station. Harrogate Community Radio is an online venture – we broadcast solely online at the minute. The tagline is “By the people of Harrogate, for the people of Harrogate.” And, it is great fun. I built the website and manage the technical infrastructure – it is keeping me on my toes and I have learned a lot of transferrable skills – it is good fun.

harrogate community radio logo

SEO Service In Harrogate

So, back on with the SEO – I have managed to get the record label Focused Silence on the first page of Google for the keyword “Experimental Record Label” – Much to their concern as they are now receiving 40-ish demos a week. Another site I have nailed the Local SEO for is Kit Peel Gardens. I have made it so that he is No1 on Google for the search term “Contemporary Landscape Gardener” across North Yorkshire.

“How Do I Get My Site Ranked Number One On Google?”

People often ask me how they get their website ranked No 1 on Google – simple really, employ me. I have a track record in Local SEO that speaks for itself. And, I am making headway on global SEO. What is SEO? It is Search Engine Optimisation. It is how to get your site rank higher on the search results page.

Summing Up

It really has been a month of good SEO Work – work that is already reaping dividends for my clients. If you want to rank No1 on the Local Search Engine Results then get in contact with me using the details below.

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