That Was: July 2021

So this is an unusual blog update. It is not what I planned for the month, but it’s a lot better than nothing! So here we go … I have been enjoying some much needed spare time over the last 2 weeks. I didn’t realise how tired I was of working all the hours, all the weeks until we had three days off in a row (I think this is what they call an extended weekend). But, in those three days I moved house….

how to work smarter not harder

Everyday Life As A Website Designer

I managed to watch a bit of the Football, listen to it on the radio when we did not have TV. Wimbledon ended, the Olympics started and The Hundred kicked off.

The Hundred is the new type of game for the cricket – I admit I am not the target audience because I like my Test Cricket. But, if it gets young blood in to the game then I am all for it.

Web Design In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Websites, websites, websites; I have been knee-deep in them.

I built the first site of the new house and it sits proudly on my portfolio. Chris Moss is a sculptor who works with wires and wire mesh. She contacted me to see about getting an online HQ away from Social Media – a place for her to share photos of her works and a place to sell Workshop tickets. I blogged about it HERE.

I am also building a website for a Communication company based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire – they had a basic HTML web page that did not really sell them or portray them how they wanted to be seen. They wanted something to show their work to B2B clients – they needed me to create the “Wow-Factor” for their business.

I hope it will be live soon and then I will be able to talk a bit more about it.

I have also completed a new site for myself. It is a responsive HTML build – I built the website in a text editor using HTML Code and CSS as well as JavaScript. The site hopes to be the calling card for people curious to know who I am. You can see that at – it is less than 1MB big!

When I say the site is responsive – it looks ‘natural’ on all devices; it is quite a clever thing.


I have also been experimenting with Automation for the radio station I help run, Harrogate Community Radio – now, if you sponsor the station you will read your name in an automated tweet that goes out thank ing you. 

The New Crib

We have moved house – a great new, two-bed property that is manageable and has all of the features I would hope in a good flat.

Kathryn is a lot happier here and we are just about settled. We just about have everything out of the boxes so we are almost saying we have “Moved In”.

We have placed all of the IKEA orders and Kathryn has been putting finishing touches on the items that needed assembling.

Big Feet

My Feet have swollen up.

It hurts – I am struggling to walk.

Summing Up

So this is what happened in July, a heap of websites and a house move. We had the hottest time and the best of times! But, I am back blogging again, after a a not so blog-ductive couple of months. Thankfully things are looking up in the Backhouse household and it was high time for a new place to live. The last flat… well…

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