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That Was October 2019

That was October 2019 – where is the time going?! I have been working for this month, despite what my health throws at me. And, I am gradually getting the jobs done after what has been a terrible summer. In this series of blogs I write an end-of-month catch up to tell you what I have been up to. You can recap HERE. Blogging regularly is a great way to improve long-tail SEO. I recommend it to all of my clients.

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Brigg & Foss Logo

The main work this month was the design of a logo for Brigg & Foss. I am unsure if you remember me telling you about the Brigg & Foss Blog in the September round-up? Well, Brigg & Foss is a Blog celebrating the craftsmanship of Northern England. It is a Yorkshire based blog that celebrates artisans and craftspeople in the area. You can read the Blog HERE

Something Useful

I found something clever online that helps with a few things: your social media URL. The link on your Instagram Bio or your Twitter Bio is a good piece of online real estate. A lot of people will see it – if you have several places to link to then you could be in a pickle what to put up there.

Thankfully, Linktree have a solution. My Linktree is – if you click on it you will see a heap of sub links for you to navigate to. This is so people are always kept in the loop.

If you want to sign up to Linktree all you need to do is head to and it is free. There is the option of paying US$6 to have a premium account but there was no need for that with me. Now then, this si an old service and there have been hiccups (Instagram banned links in 2018 – ban lifted) as sometimes they are thought of as spam.

There is the issue that you cannot style the links quite how you want – thankfully for me there was a blue option for the buttons. But, it gets the job done – I will keep you up to date on Twitter as to how it goes. You can follow me on Twitter HERE.

Bias Harrogate Brochure

Bias Harrogate have had a brochure printed up for their Autumn collection. Being asked to design an A5 Brochure is always a challenge – but – it was one I was up for. To the right you will see the front page of the brochure.

If you want to see the thing in print, head to Bias Harrogate on Cold Bath Road. The proprietor is a lovely person who helps put you at ease.

I am gradually finding a way fo leaving Adobe Creative Suite behind. I have found a new suite of apps and this brochure was the first design I made on it.

I fell out of love with Adobe years ago – when they enforced a subscription model on their software.

R.A.D.Plumbing & Joinery

I built a website for Richard Davison in Pateley Bridge – Richard is a qualified Plumber, Electrician and Joiner. He is starting afresh after a leaving the armed forces. He wanted a good site that showed people he was qualified.

One of the recommendations I took from Richard was to write an About Page – he went around the area introducing himself to a load of estate agents and received compliments on the website – so, that was nice of him to pass it on.

Working with my client, Richard – we came to the conclusion that the website was a bit impersonal. So, the remedy for that was to create a simple ABOUT ME page on his website. You can see his (nearly) finished website in the button below. All that is needed to do is to get a photo of Richard and his van on the site and then we’ve finished.

Summing Up

It has been a busy month – but – not for design. I have ran a workshop at Stinky’s Riso Press and a release on my record label was mentioned in The Wire Magazine. You can find out about them at and respectively. My health has ben up and down (malaria) and I have been busy with other projects. If you click on the link above you will see what else I have been up to. So, thanks for reading.

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