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That Was October 2020

As has become custom, here is my monthly wrap up of what I have been getting up to as a web designer in Harrogate. I am currently listening to MOONSHAKIN’ on Harrogate Community Radio as I write my journal for October 2020 and it is providing the ideal backdrop – making last night’s news bearable, to the point of being optimistic. You can find out more about MOONSHAKIN’ on HCR HERE and you can read what I have been up to by scrolling down, below…

andrew backhouse freelance designer harrogate october 2020

Last Night’s News

Boris Johnson announced at 7pm last night about the second lock down – about time too, if you ask me. It is needed before people are dying in the street.

I appreciate that it could seem a hollow token – but, I do not prize the economy over human life. The Lock Down is to stop people dying. That is what it is in place for.

It is up to people if they want to use a service, but I hope there are the measures in place to support the economy should Lock Down II go in to place for an extended period.

It seems bad to close ‘non-essential’ (my client’s) shops and businesses – but if that stops the NHS from collapsing then so be it – the other solution is for the Government to fund the structure properly and then we would have a world class Health System.

Still; Lock Down II – Deal with it.

Graphics ‘n’ That

As part of the work that I do for Bias, on Cold Bath Road, we have been sending out a few more Newsletters. There is the idea to have a Newsletter a week.

They work on a calendared rota. Then Lock Down II started and things have been scuppered on that front – but the Newsletters may still go out. Here is a graphic I made for one of the Newsletters, announcing the Covid policies of the shop:

Raised Fist

Website Designer In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

I have helped get a new section sorted for The Cheeseboard, on Commercial Street. The idea was to stock Christmas Gifts (Cheese-related) that will help people appreciate the stock of The Cheeseboard of Harrogate – to see the website I have built them just head HERE. It is a site I am inordinately proud about – one of my good ones. I will show you where they are in town on a map…

1 commercial street, harrogate

Thomas Henley is an Autism Advocate & I have been asked to build a site for him. He has an amazing back-story and he is an awesome, gentle guy to boot. Let’s hope I can do him proud

He is a Taekwondo Gold Medal Champion – easily the hardest of my clients but he seems such a gentleman. He needed an online HQ and I have just started out on this build. I will have something to write up in the next few days for this, I hope…

In the meantime, have a listen to an interview with him that I helped organise for the local Community Radio Station. In this interview, over Skype, Thomas talks about his career as a fighter and moving on to help people with Autism & Mental Health. The guy is an inspiration!

Social Media Management In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

I have been working on a few projects under this umbrella. I have been revising Instagram Hashtags for location based Bricks and Mortar fronts and I have been giving pointers to digital start-ups.

I am now volunteering a lot more time for the social media for the station who broadcast me, HCR. If you ever want to keep an eye on things there, the handle is @HarrogateRadio – It is quite good fun because I am allowed to be a bit cheeky.

Presenting the ‘public face’ of HCR means I get to draft the Newsletters too. This is a good way for people in aged 45-60 who have an interest in the station to keep tabs on the broadcast. Even if they are not invested in Social Media.

Facebook Bot Building In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

I am in the process of building a Bot for an existing client – but, more on that later. I do not know if it will be applied so I had better not say any more on that.

The existing bots I have built have been adapted for use due to Half Term and other shenanigans. The clients I work for are quite different from the next one along – so, I need to be adaptive and resourceful to get the job done.

That is it for the October Round-Up. I have a few irons in the fire. I appreciate it might be a bad time to write this blog post – lock down starts in three days time and it is to stop people from dying in the street; I am glad it is happening. After all, what is the point in running a business anyway if your client-base are a wheezing, Covid-ridden mess. Lock Down II is necessary.

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