Tomorrow Is The First Of August

Tomorrow is the 1st of August, 2020 – I am writing this on the evening of one of the hottest days so far this year. There have been a couple of thunder claps to clear the air, a welcome deluge and I am now comfy in my pyjamas. Kathryn is watching a comedy programme in the other room and there is a wholesome air of tranquility throughout my place – I am happy.

bullrushes scaled

A ‘good’ July always reminds me of the never-ending summers I experienced when I was growing up in Norfolk, on a farm. Hence my Bullrush photo, above.

I will now try and tell you what I have been doing in July as a designer.

New Logo!

As mentioned in a previous post HERE I have designed myself a new logo – I am very happy with this; off the back of this work I have been commissioned to design a couple of logos so it is already working out.

Plus, it says what I want to say about the business.

New Shop!

I opened an Etsy store to sell doodles on. Sales are slow but then there is a global recession looming. If you want to see some of the stuff I have made, have a look on the Drew’s A Designer Etsy Store HERE.

New Instagram Hashtag Research!

I am now in a position to offer Instagram Hashtag Research – I have the appropriate software and I am offering it to my clients as a tester. If all goes well I hope to make Marketing moves. However, my core skills are in design and I firmly believe that I do not want to spread myself too thin. You can read the Blog post about Instagram Hashtag Research HERE.

New App!

I am one of the founders of Harrogate Community Radio – I have helped play a small role in the station for the conception of it. We have our first birthday on Yorkshire Day, the first of August; that’s tomorrow! I am pleased that we have lasted that long – and slightly shocked!

As one of the team, I am the one who helps with new technology. I built an App for the station to stream the broadcast using your phone. If you search for “Harrogate Community Radio” on your phone’s app store you should come across something….


  • iOS is all good to go – you will be able to find the app on the Apple App Store (for iPhones and iPads) HERE.
  • Google Play have a good system in place – if you have an Android then you will need to head HERE to get the station’s free app.


Last, But Not Least

So, before I melt. I had better sign off – if you need any Digital Design work undertaking then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me; this can include Logo Design, Web Design or general Graphic Design. My contact details are in the menu at the top of this website.

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