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We Are In Advent 2020

As has become custom, here is my monthly wrap up of what I have been getting up to as a web designer in Harrogate. I am currently listening to Design Matters with Debbie Millman on my earphones as I write my journal for November 2020 and it is providing the ideal backdrop – this episode is the interview with Seth Godin; he is talking about his book “The Practice.” Here is the episode….

dan smedley dRX29rhPt4E unsplash scaled

Well, I Caught It

I caught Covid-19.

It wasn’t nice. I escaped the worst of the physical symptoms and the mental ones are passing. There is a bit of cognitive dissonance – a bit of dissociation and a nasty cough; but, I seem to be coming out of the other side.

I hope you are fairing well in the build up to Christmas… it is after all the season of Advent.

Graphics ‘n’ That

I redesigned the logo for Guerrilla Dub System – the old logo was a bit dated; so, I set off with a mission.

The inspiration I reached for was The Black Star Line. There is an overt military / militant theme to the logo. Whilst remaining non-political.

I am happy with it.

guerrilla dub system

I have also been making a few Dino designs. They are very playful and were inspired by my niece and nephew, Ben and Sarah. I hope they dig them – my plan is to get the printed up and sell them on my Print Shop.

dino print for sale

I Am A Website Designer In Harrogate

I implemented a way for Google Adsense to display adverts on their site – but, it was soon abandoned.

The site went with the admin in that they decided to not have adverts on the site – needless to say, there is the option to pick it up again when they so wish.

I Can Help With Your Social Media In Harrogate

I have been working on the Social Media for the radio station in Harrogate, Harrogate Community Radio.

The station uses a cloud based system that schedules the social media posts for the station. It is accessible by the admin only.

I have also set up a few Slack Channels for the station – this has helped the presenters on the station communicate and it has helped build up a sense of community amongst the Hosts on the station. It is a Good Thing.

So, it has been a bit of a slow month. I have deliberately been taking things slow – this is due to Covid but also that I am trying to move to the paradigm shift that I am designing and creating for the love of designing and creating as opposed to designing to pay the bills. It is a good space to be in. Less pressure and more #fun – I am happy.

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