Well, February Whizzed By!


This Blog Post is part of the monthly round-up series of posts. At the end of every month I write a short blog post explaining what I have been up to over the past month. This is not for the sake of preservation – the idea of setting in stone – nor is it appealing to vanity. These regular blog posts serve a purpose. So, here is my February Round-Up…

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So, I will start this, the February Round-Up, by going in to a bit of the details as to why it is important to Blog regularly. In short, the most visual element is that is shows that your site is well cared for and that your business is still active. Do you ever get settled on a resource, commit to hiring/buying it and then suffer the frustration to find out that you cannot get it? Blogging regularly will lay your cards on the table and lets your clients know you’re there for them.

Another thing that regular Blogdoes is that it helps your Long Tail SEO. What is Long-Tail SEO? Well I will let you Google that; make of it what you want it is not my place to lecture. But, I will say that Long Tail SEO is a Good Thing. And, as an example of this, when you Google “experimental Music Radio show” – you should see The Parish News? This is what happens when you update a site with posts optimised for your search term keyword every week.

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February has been a busy one – I completed a website for the fine-art photographer, Anna Lilleengen. You can read my blog post about that HERE. It was a client-led build with a firm idea of what the outcome should look like. It was fun – I learned a lot and I intend to keep on top of updates. I am yet to meet up with Anna to teach her how to maintain her site. If I build you a website and you are based in Harrogate, then you have the option of maintaining the website yourself. I will meet up with you over a coffee and teach you how to go about things. What cake shall we have?

Another project I started, web-wise, in February was my own project, a podcast. I am already behind for the schedule I imposed on myself, but it is a lot of fun and has caused some raised eyebrows in my parent’s house. I have a podcast of experimental nonsense poetry in the style of Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. It is a hoot. You can listen to the latest episodes HERE – I am still receiving emails saying where my podcast has been distributed to. The thrill is fresh.

In February, as a freelance designer, I have also been working on Prints for one of my passion projects, Stinkys Riso Press. You can see some of the designs below. Alternatively, check out the best Riso Press in HG1!

Riso Arrows 4x3 1
4x3 1

So, apart from designing a heap of graphics and Newsletters for clients, I think I have mentioned all that I got up to over the month of February. It has been a busy month – my record label is getting back where it should be and there are lots of exciting works in the line. As for the future of design (personally) it is a rosy future. Thanks for reading.

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