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Well, We Are In September 2020

This Blog post is part of my monthly round-ups. We are entering the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfullness’ and at the end of every Calendar month I write a short blog post saying what I have been up to. You might be asking what I have been up to, you might not be asking; either way I am going to tell you, haha!

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Things are good in my life but crap in the economy, to be fair – a no-deal Brexit is on the cards, Coronavirus has a hold on the popular psyche and as a result of this combination businesses are going bust.

People are not in a place to seek a web designer; there is a lot of hype that we are expensive. But, I have a subscription model for web design. So, if you are not wanting to spend a fortune on a premium site then get in contact. I can help for a small contribution a month.

Social Media Bot Building

I have built a Bot for the Facebook page of Harrogate Community Radio. So, if you need automation for your social media then get in contact – I would love to help. I can be reached at the email in the footer.

Automation of social media can be used to take appointments and even to sell items on Facebook – it can take the strain off vexed staff and lighten their load.

Social Media automation is a thing. Quite a thing.

One I am good at.


What is Körnung? Körnung is the name of a new site of mine. The work “Körnung” is German for ‘Grit’ – as in camera film grain; I have built a website for my lo-fi photography,

The clever thing about the website is that it is hosted in Dropbox as static files. I used a Node argument to present the files.

You can visit my new photography website at

Reggae Podcast

I have been having quite a bit of success with a radio project I have been a part of.

Back in March 2020, I set up a RSS Feed for a podcast that me and two good mates make. We meet up every Thursday to make a roots reggae podcast. Named Roots Conversation, we had a few No.1 hits on Beatport – so, we know our onions when it comes to Reggae.

We are joined on the pod by a good friend called Scoob.

If you want to check the podcast, you can subscribe to the roots reggae podcast HERE. We have had a couple of thousand listeners in the space of a month and we seem to be big in Nigeria!

Yes, our biggest listenership is in Nigeria!

Summing Up

So, things look grim in the economy – but, I am more worried about people’s health; people are still dying due to Covid19 and there is no sight of a cure. We are approaching a hard Brexit and businesses are struggling. It seems a tough time to be around; they are talking of water shortages and rationing when the Flu Season kicks in alongside Covid19. Grim times to run a business. Let’s hope I am more upbeat for next week’s post 🙂

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