What Happened In April 2019

“April is the cruellest month . . . ” begins the first line of The Waste Land, the signature modernist poem by T. S. Eliot. But, all in all, it has been quite rosey for Andrew Backhouse Design – I have been ticking over and finding new ventures to branch out in to to supplement my income. My passion is (and has always been) Design. But, I am finding new ways of implementing this passion in the community.

To start with, I designed an album cover for Total E.T.’s next album P.A.S.T.. It is a long-form drone composition and, I think, it is a good body of work. I wanted to convey a bleak space-isolationist future in a graphic. A very minimal / maximalist graphic for a very minimal album that carries great emotion. Here is the Download cover


The forty-or-so minute one-track album is going to be released on Focused Silence on May 19th 2019. You can listen to an excerpt from it below … The piece may not be everyones cup of tea but this is right up my street.

Another thing I did for the label was to design two t-shirts for them to sell, as well as a Hoody. It was a lot of fun as t-shirt design was one of the things that got me in to graphic design in the first place. So, it was good to return to my roots. The Hoody just had the label’s monogram in the top left on the front, I will enclose it below.

captain major
PS Gildan 2000 F1
FS monogram hoodie

Another venture I have undertaken is the start of print workshops. I have a Risograph printer and I run workshops enabling people to have a go at making their own prints. I run it under the name Stinky’s Riso Press and it can be a right hoot. If you want to find out more about Stinky’s Riso Press head over to www.stinkysrisopress.co.uk – but, essentially a riso press is what would happen if a photocopier and a screen-printer had a baby.

I managed to get a few friends in to the studio a few weeks ago but last Saturday was the first proper workshop. Stuart was the chap who came down to use the press. Here is a detail of one of his prints. He loved it.


I have set in motion the next workshop – it will be on the eighteenth of May. If you are interested in finding out about the art workshop in Harrogate for May then please click on the button below. Tickets are £36 and they are for the afternoon – you will come away with as many prints as you can make.

Yes, it has been a bit of a quiet month for new projects to write about – the new clients I mentioned in March are still wanting to work with me but I am waiting on the old web designers to give over control for the sites. It can be a bit of a wait. Still, I would rather crack on with things – which is part of the reason I am Blogging at 1am. I am not work shy – given the health and the correct opportunity I can do you proud. Most of the month has been spent improving older sites, updating the software that the websites are run on. It is a bit of a monotonous task and very routine but it is what I am good at. Let’s hope the month of May brings the excitement of new design.

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