What Happened In November 2019

That was November – I appreciate it is becoming a cliché on this blog to say something like “where did that go” but it seems five minutes since the halcyon days of summer, not five months. Nowadays it is dark & depressing but nearing the festive season. So, I will recap what happened over November at Andrew Backhouse Design, even though there are still a couple of days left in the month.

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Over the first weekend of the month, I made a quick rebuild of the website for ifitisn’t. ifitisn’t are an electro-acoustic outfit based in Sheffield and they are signed to the label Focused Silence – it was important to make a website that fitted with the band’s type of music. Experimental-ambient music is the type of music I really get. My passion for it has outlasted most other musical passions. I really dig it. The website is a tri-headed WordPress build, with one public page. The colours are bold, the choices have been noted by the band and they kept them… The Artwork was all supplied by Maria Kalnars who is a member of the partnership.

Bias Invitation

Well, the first job for Bias this month was to create an invite for the launch of the Bias Winter Collection. The night went well and the pieces were well shown and worn by the models – I could not be in attendance with Kathryn, my wife, but Kathryn attended.

This in turn was linked up with a Newsletter campaign to highlight the launch. It was quite a success. The rest of the month we have been focusing on the Newsletter.

Sarah-Louise Boyle

I built a website for a local folk artist. Sarah is based in Knaresborough and she needed a solution to showcase her contact details. There will eventually be embedded audio on the site, but one step at a time. The site is a wordpress build and I for one am quite happy with it. The assets from the site are recycled from another project Sarah had underway in 2014 – although she did not mind me using them. So, go check out Sarah-Louise if you live in Harrogate.

The rest of the month has been spent doing admin tasks on the rest of the sites that I manage. There is always a lot to do when you have a WordPress website. Also, I found a great admin app called Notion. I really recommend it to people who like to keep things organised. It has a tier that is free for use.

Social Media Training is on going with Bias Harrogate – I am training the staff up on how to get the best reach on their Social Media; the does and do not’s // the etiquette of how to keep your presence up to date.

Summing Up

I have a break from work for the first week of December. My first holiday since 2016. Remember me mentioning the Highlands of Scotland? It was in this post. My wife and parents have booked a small cottage up there for the week – the weather will be grim and rough. But, we are prepared. The place we are going to is North of Inverness and on the coast – it really is a beautiful part of the world and one I am very fond of. It will be a well deserved break; I have ben putting in all of the hours I can and my health will be affected by work if I carry on the way I have been, if it hasn’t already. I needed to take a break so I jumped at the opportunity to go up north. Can’t wait – I’ll send you a postcard…

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