What I Got Up To In October ’21

October 2021 – this is the write up. It has been a productive month in many ways and a less than productive month in others. But, in the sprit of this blog I will write about it regardless. It is good to have a written testimony as to what I have been doing. The day to day and the extraordinary.

natalie parham aXge3IT WGo unsplash scaled

I have just about completed a website redesign for Karin Bosveld. She is my first Dutch customer and the site is bi-lingual.

This proved to be a bit worrisome when I first started the project. But, it is fairly straight forward (to work in two languages) when you get the grasp of the in built in translation software – I did not have to learn Dutch, phew.

My knowledge of different languages ends with my time in China.

I have also started to take it easier on myself. I am less of a demanding boss to Me. And, as a result, I think I am easier to work with if you are a client – no more emails at 8pm asking for passwords.

It is a good place to be.

Mind, I say that as I type up the blog on a Sunday evening as Kathryn cooks tea – maybe not out of the woods yet.

Mum & Dad are settling in to retirement and my sister is getting a dog. I am still getting booked for DJ events at places I enjoy hanging out in.

I hope to be working with Major Tom’s Social , Harrogate. We may be working on a series of nights in the new year, fingers crossed.

It is a pasta dish for tea – yum yum. With Kathryn standing at five foot tall and her remarkable cooking skills, I call her The Little Chef. A nickname she doesn’t like.

So, as we move in to November, the clocks went back last night, I had 2 x 1am. I am working on a few websites and I just need to get cracking with it. Waiting on feedback from clients is irksome; a few heart in mouth moments and then we are on course for hitting targets.

Speak soon?


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