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Why I Am Starting 2021 With Confidence

I am writing this Blog post on New Year’s Day. It is the first of the first and the start of a new year. I am including this post in the category for “Monthly Round-Ups” but I do not want to dwell on December. I want to leave 2020 behind and focus on 2021. And, here is why…

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I always look to the coming year as the year that I will try to be my best. I am not on about one of the crass “Make 2020 My Year” posts that we saw this time last year. I am on about a paradigm shift in morals and ethics.

I was brought up in a post-Christian family and yet the sense of ‘giving thanks’ and taking stock remained with us. It is what we do in the festive period when the ewes are inside and the harvest has been gathered, having grown up on a farm.

It is a time to count your blessings and reflect.

That is what I am doing with the start of 2021 – I am not going in to the new year blindly, as if it is a clean break from 2020. There is, after all, no magic wand. 

Instead, I am taking stock of what I have learnt in the past twelve months and I hope to apply these lessons in the coming year.

2020 may have made me a bit more of a patient man. It helped show me not to take the status quo for granted, everything was shaken up by 2020.

What 2021 Means To A Web Designer In Harrogate

How have I changed my business practices during the pandemic? Aside from the obvious of not being able to meet in person, I have been working on my web design portfolio site, this site.

I have placed my web design prices on this site. This is a new way of doing business for me. Before 2021, I used to charge by the hour and give an estimate on the cost – there are now package prices. I figure most of the enquiries I was getting were to ascertain how much a web site costs – I just did not know this answer; it was vague.

I averaged out the time it takes for me to make a website (over the past three years) and then I rounded it down, awarding myself the price I used to charge per hour. This makes it easier for someone to navigate in their head and so they know I am not keeping anything from a prospective client; they can hold me to these prices!

Another thing I have added was that the main point of call is now a form – might cut down on spammers.

But, the marked change was the services I offered. I did bill myself as a digital designer – taking on Graphic Design and Web Design. But, my passion is in web design. So, I have stopped advertising myself for graphic design, only using that skill to help with websites. Sure, I am available for logo design and graphic design. But, it now needs to be part of a website…

So, plenty to digest – much like my Christmas Dinner; we stayed in our house and me and Kathryn cooked our first Christmas Dinner together. We normally visit a relative but this year we adulted. We made a lot of good memories and we made a few new traditions – something to fondly look back on, a strange Christmas but one that we came in to our own on.

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