🚀 North Norfolk Space Programme

The North Norfolk Space Programme has lost a promising recruit. I am back to web design. It is commencement day.

Actually, every day is commencement day.

We talk about graduation as if it’s the end of some journey, but it’s the beginning of one.

We talk about marriage as if it is a destination, a state to arrive at. What I have found with my marriage is that it is a power-up in our relationship to help you along on the very same game.

The chance to see the world differently, to contribute, to understand.

I have learnt from my experience. I have learnt from my health.

There was no metaphysical “Hell’s Gate” nor “Take the correct medicine now, Andy!” But, I have learnt not to take my current situation of good health for granted. I am more grateful for what I have now.

I have spent this weekend sorting graphics for DJs and Promoters as well as tinkering with a Wine Writer’s Blog.

It is good to be back. It is good to take small steps.

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