A Better Way to Work: How To Work Smarter, Not Harder

A quick blog post about how to work smarter, not harder: this is a blog about saving time and money by thinking smarter. With me being freelance for five years now, I’ve been able to see how businesses work and what the needs are of a business owner. I’ve also met hundreds of people who feel that they should be on to something bigger but struggle with motivation and productivity.

how to work smarter not harder

Well, it is all in the timing – I arise very early – 4am – and I take my time, un-hurried through the rest of the day.

I knock off from work by late morning or after lunch and I have the rest of the day to myself.

I am lucky enough to not have children – I am free to do as I want when I want; you could say I live in a bit of a bubble.

But, head to bed around 9pm and wake at 4am or five in the morning – you will have the dawn chorus keeping you company in the light months and silence other than that.

As I type this there is the soft coo-ing of a wood pigeon outside my window and the town’s cars are getting set for the day. Yes, I am still pyjama’d but I have already completed most of today’s work.

The spanner thrown in the works is the series of late meetings; put them in the morning? Learn to set boundaries and tell your coworkers that your health comes first.

My name’s Andrew Backhouse. I’ve been doing the creative things since the ’90s and have been freelancing for five of those. Everyone wants to be a freelancer, but most people don’t realise all that goes into it – you need a portfolio, client management systems, invoicing software and money coming in regularly is key (cash flow). This blog aimed to help with just that: it aimed to remind you of the small things in life and that your health is the most important thing to you.

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