Adventures With Rebrandly

I have been playing around with a new app called Rebrandly – and I recommend that you do too. It is a link shortening app that helps creates memorable links – and it is cheap as chips!


I think I paid $4 for the domain “Backhouse.Link” and I can create up to 500 links for my business – all editable. There are several examples, but some examples of this are or – these are two I have created.

The “chat” link forwards you to a robot I built on Facebook. That in in itself is a wonderful thing. The other link ( will forward to my latest Blog posts on Andrew Backhouse Design. But that will take a bit of work…

This set up is great for social media – I can now keep an eye on all of my links and people can remember them better – for instance, Instagram does not allow a link in the comment. But, If I posted a link like then people would remember it easier.

It comes in to it own with massive URLs – like on Amazon or some such.

There are alternative for link shorteners – most free – some examples are Bitly and TinyURL – but I wanted something that was on brand – something that worked with my business, so I went with Rebrandly and sorted it so was the shortened root. I am chuffed with it.

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