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“Do I Need A Chatbot?”

If you are a business, charity or just want to grow your fan page for fun, there aren’t many ways of doing it aside from the few hours spent per day posting and answering Messenger. A Chatbot is programmed to answer Messenger for you – the thing that you don’t have time for. This means when someone interacts with your Chatbot they see the human nature interaction rather than a ‘cookie cutter’ automated message from an account that hasn’t had any interaction since its creation….
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Would you like me to build a Facebook Chatbot for your business or even just for fun? You can argue that Facebook pages are not free to run; even if you use it as a social interaction tool for your business, keeping up with the daily tasks is time consuming.

That’s where Chatbot comes in. I can automate Facebook page replies to messenger by building bots which will interact with customers and provide more customer engagement while also saving you time, therefore money!

What good is a social media page if nobody interacts with it? Facebook pages are meant to be social hubs where businesses and brands can engage customers of their choice, but unfortunately that’s not exactly what happens.

Currently the best way to interact with your followers and fans is by using Messenger (Messenger Chat) which has been introduced fairly recently in 2016 and before this was available you had to rely on comment replies from likes or shares etc.

A well-designed Chatbot in Messenger helps with this – contact me to find out more. I can be reached at [email protected].

Managing a Facebook page can be both fun and exhausting, but I’m sure we all agree that it’s worth it. Right? Whether you’re Facebook-Pro or Anti-Facebook, it doesn’t matter. Facebook is where everyone is! With help from a Chatbot, you will actually find your social hub useful.

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