Dropping In To See What Condition My Condition Is In

Thought I would just drop in to see what condition my condition was in. This is also a great track by Kenny Rogers – released in the late ’70s. The track goes on about the easy life, with no expectations but it has been everything but that recently.

Me and Mrs Backhouse have moved house – we now live just up East Parade on Mowbray Square; I am in the process of sorting the work address and to see if we can register our businesses here.

We never have clients in the house – we just use the place to work as an office and to take calls. But, formalities need to be observed.

I have just about settled, thanks. We have the Broadband set up, we went with Virgin and we have a great speed. It is a good thing they came out soon as they could to set it up – I would be lost without it.

And, as a result, I have built the first website of the new flat – it was for Chris Moss, the sculptor.

The idea behind Chris’ site was that she did not want to rely on Social Media to showcase her work – it would be easily lost then.

Chris wanted an Online HQ for all of her Sculptures and it was up to me to frame it. It really was an honour – she was an amazing client to work for even though we are yet to meet.

I was recommended by a mutual acquaintance on Facebook and Chris reached out that platform – I was trialing an onboarding app called Basecamp at the time and this let me talk to Chris and see what she wanted for the site. It was an easy process.

I am very pleased with how Chris’ website turned out – and – I have added it to my portfolio. Not all of the websites that I build make it to the portfolio. Just the select few to show the diverse range of what I can build. So, if you want to see the portfolio piece, head to the home page of this site (HERE) and you will see Chris Moss Wire Sculpture in the portfolio.

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