Fancy New Logo. Look!

I got a bit restless with my old logo. Well, it did not speak about my business or show what I was capable of. So, I have made a new Logomark and re-jigged the Logotype. 

01 scaled

I wanted to make a logo that showed a bit more of what I was about, as a designer.

There is quite a bit more technical skill going in to this version and, for the minute, I am happy with it.

I appreciate I am changing Logomarks frequently but it is good to have a refresh every now and then – keep things fluid and fresh.

ab design full blue

I have left the font of the Logotype the same as the font on this website and for the rest of the branding for the business – it is called ASAP and is a joy to work with. So, I am busy updating my social sharing images and keeping things tidy. Thank you for reading…

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