Helping People On Social Media – Further Adventures

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a tool for Facebook but it does have its benefits for small businesses. And, I am trying to leverage this to the best of my abilities and help you along the way. But, how have I set about this…


Really, social networking is no real difference that like being at a party all the time. If you turned up to a party and started trolling folk then you would be asked to leave the party. The same it is with Facebook – you need your full name up on Facebook and it is difficult to be anonymous.

So, I am trying to help people help people – and stay in contact.

The medium of this is a new Facebook Group for Andrew Backhouse Design, called “Drew’s Design Group”.

It is a great time to get people talking about the “hope to” and “how to” of what they are doing – and turning up as your authentic self will be the best way to do it. This is all achievable in a Private Facebook Group.

Drew’s Design Group is a values driven exercise where a closed space has been created to allow true connection and authenticity for the people I work with, or hope to work with.


Drew’s Design Group started out because the Facebook page I have for the business is something completely different; I see the page as much more like a billboard, a public representation. Also, the algorithm means that around 3% of the “Likes” see the posts.

Facebook Pages are a ploy by Facebook to sell Facebook. It gives you your own piece of real estate on “The Hot Ticket” when in fact they over promise and under-perform.

Drew’s Design Group will be where people will be able to make contact – at a distance – with other folk in a similar situation.

Drew’s Design Group was only set up half an hour ago – if I have ten members in it in a month’s time, all of them active members, then I will write that down as a success. So, here is hoping it takes off – I hope to have it as an intermediary between my Facebook page and my personal Facebook profile; you are more than welcome to join.

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