How I Got Over My Imposter Syndrome

I will tell you a secret; you are what your clients want. Think about it. The most experienced people in large design agencies spend their time chasing after new business, not actually designing. When the contract is secured, it is often passed to less experienced designers in the company, because the people who win the contracts are out gunning for more

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But, when I win a contract it is me who plays a key role in every stage of the work. From concept to creation.

In my time as a freelancer, I have found that you don’t need to be part of a big business to work with big organisations.

“They wanted to speak with the smaller guys because they were the smaller guys – they wanted a different perspective”


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As a sole-trader I do not have anyone to hide behind – all of the work I show, my public points of contact, have come from me. My only choice is to be outstanding; I am in charge of quality control.

When it comes to design, small means agile and passionate. Big agencies do not have the level of flexibility that I do.

Due to my business size, I can start targeting my desired client base immediately. Now imagine if a large brand consultancy wanted to do the same. There would be meetings, negotiations, potential layoffs and new starts.

Huge payrolls require a continuous focus on finding new work, so it becomes much more easier to twist and to turn in line with the passions of the business owner.

Being freelance, on the other hand, means I definitely don’t have the same level of outgoings.

And, because I take on less work than the bigger agencies, my clients receive more of my time and attention; helping the process run more smoothly, resulting in clients who love what I do.

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In a large company, passion gets diluted because it is rare when an entire team of employees has the same passion for the brand as those who launched it.

Because I am the only person responsible for delighting my clients, the passion is as pure as it gets, and you, my client, will reap the reward.

If you have any tips on how fellow readers can get over the imposter syndrome – or you just enjoyed this post, feel free to get in touch?

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