Instagram Hashtag Research

I can help businesses and cultural institutions, individuals and creatives find the best Hashtags for Instagram and Twitter. This will help your posts find the best audience and maximise the potential for new followers and help you stay relevant and competitive in today’s market. I will talk a bit about how I can help find you the best set of Instagram Hashtag for your posts in this Blog post.

find instagram hashtags in harrogate

Instagram Hashtags are important. Full Stop. There’s no argument there.

But, why are they important? Why is everyone in the social media marketing world going nuts over them?

Hashtags play a very important role in turning a 100-followers profile to a 100,000+ followers profile; after all, almost ~70% of Instagram posts go unseen. It’s the difference between wasting your time on Instagram trying to get a bit of engagement and reach, to getting ‘instafamous’ and rolling in ten pound notes, like Scrooge McDuck.

Just adding one instagram hashtag to your post can increase your engagement by 12.6% more. This information comes from Instagram themselves.

However, you can’t just slap a few hashtags (compiled from here and there) to your Instagram post as an afterthought. You need to research, compile, and then test hashtags for Instagram repeatedly for stellar results. If you’re not seeing a whole lotta difference in your hashtagged vs non-hashtagged posts, then your entire IG hashtag strategy is flawed.

Make Andrew Backhouse Design your Instagram hashtag go-to ‘Help’ and with every hashtagged post you’ll get a surge in new target followers, more engagement, and build a loyal tribe.

You’ll find brand hashtags, curator hashtags, location-based hashtags, and pretty much all hashtags through my help. I can help get you the Hashtags that will help you stand out and I will help you find your unique voice. Contact me today.

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