D&Ad Membership

After sitting on the fence for some time, I took the plunge and applied for Full Membership of D&Ad – the global association for creative design. I am now a member and have all of the associated perks – but is it worthwhile? I’d like to think so …

The association seems very London-centric, all of the invites are for London based talks, lectures and awards – the nearest to me is Manchester, with 2-4-1 on Lowry tickets.

There seem to be generous discounts given to trade magazines and it all seems good from a financial point of view.

But, why did I join? It certainly wasn’t for the hefty discounts … it was to be a part of something bigger. It was to be a part of a body that has the same vision as myself and was working towards nurturing young talent. It seems like something I need to get involved with as opposed to just sitting back and letting them come to me.

If it proves its money’s worth I will be surprised – but I have found a few useful contacts that I am chasing up …

More on this later. For more on D&Ad please see their site HERE.

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