I’ve Gained A Certificate In Site Structure

As you may be aware, I am an SEO Consultant. This involves a process of constant study – updating my learned skills and keeping abreast of trends and tools. As part of that, I have acquired a new certificate – A certificate in Site Structure. The training was thorough and complete and I passed with a score of 93%. Here is my certificate –

Andrew Backhouse successfully completed the Site structure course!

I use Yoast on nearly all of the websites that I build – after all, website design is what I do. The idea of site structure is to know how to format your internal linking structure – how to marshall the tangle of links that comprise your site. SEO Site Structure is what I have studied towards for my certificate and I am pleased as punch that I smashed it on Blue Monday. My certificate will let me help my clients rank higher in the Search Engine Results – it will help me with the SEO Service that I offer. The Yoast plugin helps sort out the SEO – there are free versions and premium versions. The course I completed is in a small aspect of SEO called Site Structure. 

What Is Site Structure?

Site structure is about the way that Google can see your site and the way that UX (User Experience) can help with SEO. I have been dallying in it to a degree as of late and I wanted to get a formal certificate to show I can do this. The course was straight forward, well presented and articulate. I already had the skillset, I just needed the paperwork.

Hats off to the folks at Yoast for running the course – they always deliver their courses in a fun, articulate way – especially the course on Site Structure. On the Yoast courses, there are always tests at the end of every module – so you really have to absorb what is being said.

But, wow – Site Structure; a new string to my bow … and on Blue Monday.

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