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I took a test at the beginning of January – I flew through it and passed. But, what was the test? Why am I writing about it? It was a test from Google Digital Garage about web design and SEO. I did the 40-hour course in three hours and forty-five minutes and I passed with plenty of time to spare until Kathryn woke up.

Google have a series of courses made available to train people up in Web Design and SEO – I figure that as the course is quite comprehensive, it may be worth looking in to.

I admit I approached the opening test with a bit of a gung-ho attitude. I tried the first of the tests without looking at the lesson – I passed 100%. So, I thought, would it be possible to do the whole of the certificate without looking at the lessons?

It turns out that my years in the field have made me still relevant. I am happy with this modest conquest – I am now Google Certified!


As you can see from the certificate, there are a whole heap of names on the document that means it looks legitimate. I have not been toyed with.

But, I am chuffed to pieces with this.

Andrew Backhouse Design is Google Certified!

Andrew Backhouse

Andrew Backhouse

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